New Bat Standards

Updated Monday October 14, 2019 by Joseph Matusovich.


With the new season around the corner please take note of the New USA BAT STANDARD for 2018.  NOTICE: ALL BATS USED LAST YEAR AND PREVIOUS YEARS WILL BE OUTLAWED AND BANNED AND CANNOT BE USED.  This new bat standard effects the entire baseball industry and all leagues.

The bat needs to be stamped with USA Bat stamp and can have barrel diameter up to 2 5/8"








New Rules, Same Ruler.


  • If the illegal bat is discovered prior to a batter completing his "at bat" the bat is simply removed from play and the "at bat" continues.
  • A player who uses an illegal bat or non-conforming barrel dimension and hits a fair ball will be ruled out.  No advancement on the bases will be allowed, and any outs during the play shall stand.  This is an appeal play.  The "at bat" will be considered legal once a pitch is thrown to the next batter.
  • Any bat discovered prior to the game that does not conform to the above rule shall be directed to be removed immediately and not be allowed for use during the game. 






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